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A Practical Introduction to
Digital Television

Traditionally, in the analogue environment, television was a vertically integrated business with closely defined sectors for programming, administration and engineering that frequently operated independently of each other. Each sector had a priesthood of experts and each developed its expertise into a black art which was seldom accessed by the other. Even when the vertical integration dismantled during the 1980s, the sectoral divisions remained; even when the technology became more accessible, the priesthood held on and some of the black arts were never penetrated.

In the digital environment, sectoral independence does not exist. The most effective organisational structures will blur the boundaries and digital television professionals will understand the whole of the business whatever their individual expertise. This is because the interdependence of technology and creativity, finance and legal issues is the business of digital television. The business and technological convergence that is taking place globally is the big picture and the future of television is a small but important detail in that picture.

This manual is designed to introduce different aspects of the business of television in a way which will help students to understand the totality of digital television. In the global context there are many issues which are particularly relevant to Wales and these will be highlighted because they are closer to the experience of those likely to be using the manual. More detail on different aspects is available on the web and the particular sites are referenced in each section.

Although we have a powerful Internet capability and use sophisticated data software, neither dictates our approach. Our questionnaires are written in close consultation with you and are designed to provide you with real, practical answers to important commercial questions, and to explore the full potential of your client relationships.

We are not limited to any specific sector, nor do we dabble in consumer opinion - we are firmly rooted in the business-to-business world. Above all we are straight-talking and down to earth.

Several radio stations launch on SkyDigital and/or Freeview
New South African Television starts on SkyDigital

Whilst over the past 12 months, The Satellite Place has had a record year, sales growth slowed over the Summer months. With so many people in the area already having satellite television, selling them upgrades and further products is a very important activity for the business. In this regard, Peter believes that the Pace Sky+ product presents immense opportunities.